8 Ways to Use Signage to Promote Your Business or Event

8 Ways to Use Signage to Promote Your Business or Event

If you're looking for a way to promote your business or next event, you need the right signage to get your message across and raise credibility. A survey by FedEx shows that 68% of consumers believe that a business’ signage reflects the quality of its products or service. And although graphics and messaging are powerful, the signage you choose can also amplify your results.

Want to try signage for your own business or next event? Here's where to get started.

1) Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are towering, freestanding outdoor signs anchored by a pole or a structure to keep them in place. They usually have an aluminum or steel frame, and you can choose a one-sided or dual-sided design.

For example, you may only need a one-sided sign if your overall traffic faces the front of the design. A two-sided sign is ideal for capturing the attention of two-way lanes or pedestrian activity.

2) Window Signs

Window signs are an immediate way to attract more foot traffic and attention to your business. Whether you're advertising your store hours or giving customers your contact information, business signage makes an impact. Window signs can also be a great choice to promote an upcoming event and spark more interest than you would with other mediums, like a newspaper ad.

3) Vinyl

Vinyl signs and banners are attention-grabbing and easy to spot when someone passes by your store. They can be printed in vibrant colors and customized with engaging graphics to command more attention. Vinyl is also durable and relatively easy to clean, making them an excellent choice for indoor and outdoor events.

4) A-Frame Signs

A-Frame signs are also known as sandwich boards that are designed to stand up like an easel to form an A-shape. They're ideal for retail, restaurants, or any business that wants to grab the attention of people walking by and staring at their phones.

When someone sees your sign in the middle of a sidewalk, they're more likely to give it a glance, especially if it's well-designed. A-Frames are also convenient to collapse and move from one location to the next, making it easy to focus on a new promotion.

5) Interior

What people see inside your business is just as important as what they see on the outside. Whether you need directional signage for your office or a colorful banner to showcase an exhibit, you need interior signage to command attention. Two Three Co creates custom interior signage to align with your goals and get the foot traffic you're looking for.

6) Banners

Customized banners come in different printing formats and sizes to promote your business at outdoor or indoor events. Whether you're at a conference or festival, a banner lends your business more credibility and attention.

7) School

Your school also benefits from signage to promote sponsors and sporting events. Depending on your district and your financial goals, you may be able to raise money by offering sponsorship opportunities with banners and other signage. 

8) Commercial

The strategy behind your signage will also shape what to choose. Depending on your area or building, commercial signage may come with specific regulations or sizes. But with no sign, you'll limit yourself on the people you reach and how easily your business is found.

With so many ways to customize your business and event signage, you can choose an option that suits your budget and goals. Signs also pair well with vehicle wraps, creating an innovative way to get your brand seen while you're on the go.

Next Steps

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