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How to Use Vehicle Wraps for Your Business

You're driving down the road and see a vehicle zip past with eye-popping, colorful graphics and logos. It's easy to remember and connect with a brand that invests in high-quality vehicle wraps. Research shows vehicle wraps are among the most effective advertising today. Depending on your business, you can expect 30,000 to 70,000 views per day when your vehicle is out on the road. 

Ready to try one for yourself? Learn how to use vehicle wraps for your business, from large fleets to boats.

Commercial Fleet Wraps

If you own a commercial fleet of vehicles, you need a way to stand out from the competition and show off your business. Potential customers see your brand and quickly learn more about your company and who you serve. A vehicle wrap is perfect for fulfillment companies, including caterers and grocery stores.

Boat Wraps

Traditional vehicles aren't the only things you can wrap up for your business. We also wrap your boat's exterior to help protect it, prevent oxidation and fading and deflect harmful UV rays.

Beyond protection, a vinyl boat wrap are also customized to fit your needs. We can add your company logo, a nickname for your boat, or other business graphics that commands attention on the water.

Boat wraps are also perfect if you rent your vessel, enjoy charter fishing, operate sightseeing tours, or offer boat repair and storage. Wraps make it easy to advertise from the water and get in front of your target market. 

Company Vehicle Wraps

Company vehicles need vinyl wraps to keep your business looking as professional as possible. Imagine showing up at a customer's home to deliver a quote and showing up in an unmarked car. Customers won't take your business very seriously or question who you are. 

Instead, a company vehicle wrap brands your cars and delivers peace of mind and brand awareness. Your customers know exactly what's going on when you pull into their driveway, and potential leads quickly see your branding from the road.

Motorsports Vehicle Wraps

If you supply cars for sporting events or are part of a team, you need a vehicle wrap that dazzles the crowd. We wrap vehicles for motorsports events that can withstand everything. 

Whether you're soaring over rough terrain or flying out of a mud pit, our vehicle wraps can take a beating.

Beyond how durable motorsport vehicle wraps are, they allow more creative flexibility and protection. Change up the exterior color with your wrap that maintains its original OEM paint underneath. You end up with a highly customized vehicle that you can change as your motorsports career evolves.

Advertisement and Promotional Wraps

No matter what kind of business you own, advertisements and promotional wraps are attention-grabbing. Our team can wrap your personal vehicle to point people to your business or create promotional wraps for upcoming events or new location launches.

What Are Vehicle Wraps Made Out Of?

Vehicle wraps are created from a Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) polymer blend, which is also where the word vinyl originates. It's bendable, flexible, and highly durable against weather and ultraviolet light. Final products are left cured, with vibrant colors baked onto the vinyl so that you'll never have to worry about fading colors.

A strong adhesive is added to the back of the vinyl wrap to stick to your vehicle without worrying about damage. Whether your vehicle is finished in gloss or matte, a car wrap won't pull away your paint or damage your vehicle.

It's crucial to work with a reputable company on your vehicle wraps. You want high-end, clear graphics, text, and color to raise brand awareness and position your business is an expert in your industry.

Next Steps

Are you ready to try vehicle wraps for your business? Learn more about our sign, wrap, apparel, and media divisions to crush your plateau and take your brand to new levels. Browse our services here.

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